Friends: Father Dave and Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

Sheikh Mansour and I first met in 2002. Over the years, he became my most trusted friend. We campaigned together to save him from deportation by the Australian government. We were unsuccessful, but the experience left me with a lasting connection with both his family and with his Australian community – the people of the Imam Husain Centre in Earlwood (Sydney).

I have travelled to Iran and met him there three times now. On one occasion, he drove across from Esfahan to Tehran – a trip of about 4.5 hours – just to meet me for lunch, driving back again the same day. When I told him that he really shouldn’t have made such an effort, he said that we should be thankful that technology was such that he didn’t have to make the trip by camel.

This interview took place on 7 August 2016 in Tehran, Iran.

2 thoughts on “Friends: Father Dave and Sheikh Mansour Leghaei”

  1. Islam is religion of extremism and fanaticm. They even do not have mercy on their mates and do everything for maintain their reign on innocent people. In fact they prevented us from participation in holy mass for about 7 years because of our Islamic backgrounds. unfortunately church and some representative of Assyrians and Armenians.
    In parliament get along with their discrimination policies.
    During these 7 years,I travelled by bus to turkey or armenia for participation in holy mass.its a long journey about 36h . Or twice time to Lebanon with help of church. But after economic problem in Lebanon and Turkey, church did not help me. And for Georgia or armenia, they didn’t host me and I reserved hotel. And sometimes would be so tough and difficult causes of our weak currency and expenses of tourism. Thanks God,that my parents are get along with my conversion easily. Because my dad is an agnostic and doesn’t care about my faith. And just warnes me that do not declare my Faith publicly. Because we are living in most fanatic town In Iran.

  2. I’m sorry you’ve had such a negative experience. Tribalism continues to keep us divided in many parts of the world, but I do not believe this is intrinsic to the religion of Islam any more than it is to Christianity. Both religions claim to be monotheistic, which means that we are all ultimately brothers and sister. Sadly, not all Muslims or Christians-practice what we preach in this regard.

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