Dr. Chandra Muzaffar – Islam & the Politics of Hegemony

I like to refer to Dr. Chandra Muzaffar as my friend. In truth, I only met him in person once, but he has always been very gracious to me in correspondence since.

I met him back in the 80’s in his home-town of Penang. Dr Muzaffar had come to my attention because of the way he had stood up for the rights of Christians in his own country (and had been targeted by his government for doing so).

Thirty years later Dr Muzaffar continues to an outspoken and courageous campaigner for human rights worldwide. He is one of this generations ‘elders’  – a man full of wisdom and compassion – and his insights on the developing situation for Muslim people worldwide need to be heard by everyone.

This interview was conducted by GRTV.

Father Dave

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