Friends: Father Dave and Lina Jebeile

Finding prominent Muslim women to interview for this book was a challenge. It’s not just that Islam doesn’t ordain women. In the Arabic and Persian communities I’m involved with, men tend to spend most of their time with other men, and women with women. As a man, I naturally didn’t develop as many friendships with Muslim women. In the case of Lina Jebeile though, I think it was she who found me! After initiating her ‘Spread Hummus not Hate’ campaign, she approached our church and offered to cater for one of our events at her own expense. It was indeed an offer too good to refuse.

Lina is the real deal. She and her family truly value diversity in Australian society, so she decided to spread tolerance and inclusion in the best way she knew how – through food.

This interview took place on 16 October 2017 at Lina’s home in Peakhurst, NSW.

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